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Basement Subfloor Tile Subflooring Laminate or Hardwood Subfloors
When starting the installation of a new laminate, tile, hardwood, plywood, or any other type of floor on concrete, you can skip traditional concrete basement subflooring methods.

When considering to install tile, laminate, hardwood, ceramic, parquet, cork, bamboo or wood subflooring, ensure that your subfloor material protects your floors from concrete moisture damage. The following information on flooring and subfloors may help you with your basement subfloor decisions. Basement subflooring for all types of wood, ceramic etc must provide your family warm comfortable basement floors for now and into the future.


What is a Subfloor
subfloor leveling A subfloor is what's below your flooring materials. It is important that all flooring materials have protection against moisture damage. All basement flooring materials should have a subfloor that provides moisture protection. Moisture damage can quickly destroy your new flooring materials.
Some popular basement flooring materials are:

  • Hardwood flooring materials
  • Tile flooring materials
  • Rubber flooring materials
  • Stone flooring materials
  • Bamboo flooring materials
  • Vinyl flooring materials
  • Laminate flooring materials
Benefits of a Subfloor
concrete subfloor + preperation for wood floor
"Imagine walking on a cold concrete floor with your bare feet", now imaging walking on the concrete floor with your shoes on."
More and more builders, in new home construction, are installing a subfloor under or over existing concrete floors. Not only does a subfloor raise the value of your home but it's also used to improve the basement living space. The latest trend in new home construction for subfloor applications are:

  • Upgrading the basement living space into a home theatre area
  • Converting garage space to living space
A subfloor will also protect your flooring materials from moisture damage. A subfloor leveling tiles subfloor membrane is a quick and easy solution to protect you from all your potential flooring problems. Below are some benefits of a Superseal subfloor:
  • Traditional wood subfloor sleepers up to 2 Inches - faux painting plywood subfloor subfloor inch
  • Provides drainage abilities
  • Warms flooring materials by up to 30%
  • Protects against moisture seepage
  • Allows you to install basement flooring materials that you normally wouldn't be able to install on concrete
  • Lengthens the life of your new flooring materials
  • Increases the feel and quality of your home through foot fall absorption
  • Takes 1/10th of the time compared to a traditional subfloor installation
Installing a Subfloor
repair rotten subfloor
When installing a subfloor material of any kind, it's important to ensure you have a level surface. Leveling a subfloor, be it pre-existing or in new home construction, is the first thing you must do. Using a self leveling concrete is the best and easiest way to fix an uneven subfloor. Contact your self leveling concrete supplier for proper installation and mix instructions.

Having the proper flooring construction materials will make installing a subfloor quick and easy. If you are planning on installing a subfloor, replacing a subfloor or doing a floor restoration, painting plywood subfloor subfloor membrane is the best basement flooring solution.


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